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Baby Sleep EducationTips to help your baby sleep.
Breastfeeding ClassTopics Covered: Why breastfeeding is optimal; Breastfeeding initiation positions; Laidback breastfeeding/continuity from the womb to the world; What to expect in the first days of baby’s life ; How milk production works, etc.
Car Seat Safety InspectionCo–Sponsored by Pediatric Associates and Safe Kids of Broward County. Please bring your child, car seat and vehicle to the event. NOTE: This is a first come, first serve, free event.
CPR And First Aid ClassLearn the basic skills you’ll need to respond to an infant/child in an emergency: how to respond to a choking emergency. How to respond to a breathing and cardiac emergency. Practice the skills learned with the instructor’s supervision. Receive free First Aid/CPR Information/Poster. (NO CERTIFICATION PROVIDED)
Daddy Can TooFree course for DADS ONLY! Learn how to support your partner with the care of your baby, what to expect in the first few days and weeks of your baby’s life, hands-on techniques to holding, comforting and handling your new baby, etc.
Healthy Eating WorkshopThe workshop will support parents to set attainable wellness goals for the entire family. Parents will learn easy ways to talk to their children about nutrition and healthier eating behaviors in ways that are easy for the kids to understand. Hosted by: Chef Dulce Jimenez, Professional Chef & Health Coach
Healthy Lifestyle Habits for TeensDesigned for teens 13-19 years old. This session will help teens understand proper nutrition, exercise & sleep importance.
Infant Massage ClassThis class is open to new and expectant parents who will learn about the power of Infant Massage and its many benefits for baby and parent/caregiver alike. This educational class will discuss how Infant Massage helps babies grow, develop & sleep better, and aid with issues of digestion, colic and gas. Parents will learn about the positive effects Infant Massage has in four main areas: interaction, stimulation, relief and relaxation.Hosted By: Dunia R. Villanueva, LCSW, CEIM, RYT
Mommy & Me YogaMommies will learn about their core health after having a baby, how they can restore and heal their abs, back, pelvic floor with simple yoga postures and exercises while baby is safe in their arms or by their side. Please bring a yoga mat. FREE class For Moms with infants 0-9mths
New Parent ClassDesigned specifically for expectant parents, the FREE one-hour course covers numerous topics on preparing for your new arrival, such as your child’s development, immunizations, breast vs bottle feeding etc.
Other Events
Prenatal Yoga ClassThis complimentary prenatal yoga class is designed for expecting mothers at any stage of your pregnancy. You will build strength, flexibility, stamina, and balance, and learn safe poses and stretches to help ease discomfort throughout your pregnancy. You will increase mind and body awareness, and focus on breathing and relaxation techniques to improve circulation and comfort during each trimester. FOR EXPECTANT MOMS ONLY!