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Although asthma cannot be cured, with the right plan it can be managed very effectively. We’ve put together this Asthma Resource Center as an easy access collection of documents, videos, common questions and websites which have proven beneficial to our patients in managing asthma through the years.  If you have any questions please give us a call or ask an asthma specialists via our online form.

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Inhaler Updates

Inhaler Updates:

Inhaler Updates: As flu season approaches, make sure your child has all of his/her asthma medications. Pediatric Associates has been using inhalers with spacers in order to administer albuterol treatments to certain patients. Studies have shown that using an inhaler is just as effective as using the nebulizer. However, by using an inhaler, parents save significant time when giving their child respiratory medication. Children also prefer the inhaler because it is quicker and less stressful than sitting 15 minutes with a nebulizer. For additional information, please contact your provider at Pediatric Associates.


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“My daughter has asthma, and whenever she has an episode, I can always count on Dr. Cato to provide the best treatment and care for her.”

Ask the Asthma Specialist

Do you have a question about managing asthma? We’re glad to help. Submit your question below and one of our physicians who specializes in asthma will be happy to answer. Please allow us a little time to respond as we want to make sure to get you the best answer, directly from an asthma specialist. If you are having a life threatening emergency please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.